navy beans is in the stable, results are in….

Those who graciously follow my story, this blog, know that recently I had my latest scans.  Before my “cancer-cation”, I spent the day at the cancer care center soaking in some radioactive juices and then soaked in some saline fluids to wash away those juices, and boost up my blood pressure which continues to be as low as those pesky mosquitos.  Anyway, it was nice to actually have all of that time to sit and reflect on how much support we have had during this odd stage in our lives.  Thank you all for the comments and reactions to my blog entries, and if I haven’t replied to them all, it is merely due to chemo brain or tired nights, but the words of encouragement are more than appreciated!

I had begun a new course of treatment about 7 weeks ago, Navelbine…Navy Beans.  After an allergy to the Taxol, we had to go through the experimental process of which drug to try next, navy beans won out.  The side effects have continued to lessen and my quality of life has vastly improved, aside from my colds, I have really been feeling so much better, lots more energy; sometimes I can even keep up with my little one! So the prayer was that I can stay on this drug, and that prayer was answered for now…and hopefully until we reach remission.

The results weren’t astounding to be honest with you….there was no change in tumor sizes.  I was disappointed and honestly a bit fearful of the what if’s, however, as I have written, as my best girlfriends says “slow and steady wins the race”.  The doctor is positive that this treatment is working and that we just need to give it more time.  He feels stable is a good thing, considering how fast this cancer was originally moving.  He was very happy that we saw no growth and feels that I am doing really well. I continue to feel truly blessed to have great care, a great community, and feel good about this next phase of treatment.  I am still going with my mantra of decades to live and the hope that we can hit this cancer bug into remission soon!  So let’s continue with the ‘Go Navy Beans!’ fight song.

Off to the races & kickin’ it to the Ty-curb

Slow & steady wins the race, we say over and over in the ‘win against cancer paddock’.
I feel like an appaloosa, full with endurance, tough, and ready to beat that
stallion of bitch we call cancer. Today, we are giving it a kick into higher
gear though. Staring into the dark eyes of the tumors, down the barrel of a gun, and without the
fear from the last attempt. So, we took a side effect hit. A loss for a few
weeks against Tykerb, But today I face it head on, no fear, with shaved,
punked head to take another run at it. Oh Tykerb you will help me beat this even with
your nasty side effects…. Those are just there to remind me you are
working, a side effect to the grand finish of healing, of remission.

Cue “Eye of the Tykerb, it’s the thrill of the fight, risin’ up to the challenge of our rivals….”
I know a bit much but suits the name.