a cancer-cation

In our current culture we seem to be fond of the fusing of words. I don’t love this trend. However, at times it is mildly funny. I just had a cancer-cation, ya know, like stay-cation, or like bennifer, or jlo, or whatever.

A cancer vacation should be on the agenda for all of us going through this harried process. It would be nice for one of the several foundations that supposedly assist those with cancer to somehow provide a lavish vacation for healing. I feel blessed to have the family and some resources that gave us this time away. The past 9ish months have been taxing, and while we would have gotten through without this jaunt to sunshine, it was a most welcome and needed rejuvenation. Thank you.

Rejuvenation of the spirit and body is important in life, with or without cancer. We are a distracted culture who shortens words, and forgets to breathe…maybe that is what gives some of us this disease, who knows. Though I am currently not working and have some time (as much time as one can have with a 15 month old) to breathe and heal, it is difficult to meditate on wellness with looming appointments, schedules, and a house to attempt maintenance on, so I needed a cancer-cation. We all did. My family works hard at sustaining this cancer lifestyle, so we took a break from it, barely discussed it aside from the coughing up a lung part that was difficult to ignore, but even still, we rested. I even drank a quarter of a glass of rose cremont!

Walking the tropical paths in the warm sun reminded me to breathe and to live with this unknown future. It is in living that we thrive, I was reminded. For a better part of the last 9 months it felt as if I was just maintaining my existence. Always positive about my future, I still didn’t truly live my life. This past week while watching my son, my family completely enjoy each other, I truly realized the importance of each singular day.