My Cancer-isms or little Idioms to keep the laughter and the calm.

  • Chemo Jail: Yes, this is where I go every Monday to get dosed
  • Taxed: Taxol (a very taxing chemo)
  • Stripped: Streptozocin (another chemo)
  • Fucked: 5 FU (come on, this stuff writes itself!)
  • Eye of the Tykerb: Tykerb…though I had to kick it to the curb, you know what I’m talking about
  • Out of it Pants: Ativan (the mild amnesia cancer sleep aid)
  • Meow Scan: (CAT Scan…a friend gave me this)
  • Buffy Hands: (My scaley fingernail-less side effects hands that look like a demon spawn from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Navy Bean: Navelbine (the new drug I am set to try out) seriously though….they do write themselves!!
  • Chemo Brain: I think we all know this one.
  • The Electric Koolaid: Adriamyacin
  • A-Fortune-For: Afinitor (as of Oct. 2012, the drug of choice)

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