Friendship and hardships

There seems to be an unwavering sense of solidarity within the cancer community, and most especially within the breast cancer community. I went through a minute of thinking because my cancer is now primarily Neuroendocrine cancer, I might not be able to speak of my ills and triumphs with as close of a connection to the women that I have befriended. Yes, stupid, I know, but all sorts of things muddle the mind when undergoing such trauma, pain, and emotional changes. We are all one, as maybe Bono might say in relation to global wellness. We are though. It isn’t as trite or over commercialized as maybe it sounds. The reality is that I was able to meet a friend whom I hadn’t met face to face before, without any awkwardness but with a clear sense of one another and our experiences. We met here within the blogging world of cancer. We had a lovely connection online and symmetry to some of the hardships. When I read she would be in Seattle it felt natural to try to connect. Such a lovely but short lunch and time together. I felt more like we should curl up with some tea by a fire and talk for hours than be in a loud restaurant. Honesty and clarity are something I crave within friendships right now while I attempt to heal; I am grateful for both my old dear friends and the new ones that can grasp this insane ride.

This time of year I always want to count my blessings, and all of you whom I haven’t ‘met’ are among them. It is through hardships that we can recognize the most beautiful friendships. So, thank you.


10 comments on “Friendship and hardships

  1. There’s a whole country between us but yet, I feel like you are always by my side….

    Love to you in the new year….. We have your back….


    • lmw says:

      I was the friend that she met and your name came up as someone we both appreciate and feel connected to. 🙂 I have been inspired this year by your passion and writing. xx L

      • Thank you for sharing that with me…. It means more than I can possibly ever express. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. This matters most. The people connection. It goes beyond “just a screen” and I’m so thrilled to read about any real life hugs!

  2. Jill says:

    You are awesome. This is so well said. I get it.

  3. dear jen,

    always a joy to hear your voice and get to connect with you. we ARE all one, and never think otherwise. names of illnesses are not as important as the foundations of love, understanding and support that get exchanged between caring hearts.

    love, and sending waves and waves of healing,

    karen, TC

  4. What a great post…you are so right about the instant connection we form when faced with something like cancer. Even though yours has “moved on” you will always be part of the b/c crowd and be loved and lifted through your battle. I also have met people from my blog and have made some great friends because of it. That is the silver lining of my blog as I know it is of yours…please always be open, honest, and raw with your readers. We need that from you because we rarely get it from our doctors and our friends who are not experiencing the same situation we are. Honesty and transparency are the greatest gift you can give us all !

  5. How true your words are! It;s not “us” and “them”…we are all “us”. Here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year filled with dreams fulfilled!

  6. All I can say is “Ditto”….very true words. Wishing you a wonderful 2013.

  7. lmw says:

    It was so wonderful to connect face to face and I am praying for a happy and healthy 2013. xx L

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