I’m gonna knock you out….

Mama said knock you out…don’t you ever stare….just call me Cassius…. (By LL Cool J)

Okay so I’m trying not to let the electric Kool Aid knock me out, but man I’m falling hard in the ring, and it’s all week long. I think it’s time for another blood transfusion. It is so difficult to not be able to help at all with Milo, or even do laundry. All I can do is sit and laugh at my baby, which I know should be enough…but I’m not taking this lying down! Just call me Cassius….

(Hopefully more later my sweets. I adore all of your comments and support and wanted to update a little. Be back soon.)


17 comments on “I’m gonna knock you out….

  1. billgncs says:

    my thoughts are with you, and I’ll be waiting to hear your update!

  2. I am so sad that this is getting harder for you and the treatments and side effects are worse instead of better….I hate this. I hate cancer…and all of the treatments that go with it. Granted, they are helping us, some of us, but the road to try and diminish this is the road to hell and back….stay strong, rest, keep the faith, and I know you are enjoying every second of that baby. For the rest of this crappy fight, I am very very sorry. 😦 I will continue praying for you.

  3. jlpaddock says:

    I’m sorry the side effects have been so rough…that Kool Aid is no joke. Praying for your energy to return. xoxo L

  4. Martin Plunkett says:

    Ah the famous sayings of the Louisville Lip! One you might like from his fight with Foreman in ’74 is β€œThat all you got, George? That all you got?” Just swap in Cancer for George and go on to win as Ali did.

  5. I hate that this is knocking you down. I’m here. Listening… and sending virtual support your way.


  6. Just do your best to rest, rest, rest, and move whenever you have the ability. Sending you ‘strong kick-ass’ vibes to help you regain your strength.


    • jelebelle says:

      Thank you! Trying to rest but honestly the more tired I get the more suffocated I have been by people…. Can’t seem to take a beath without someone jumping out their skin as if it’s my last. Thank you for reading & the kick ass vibes πŸ™‚

  7. Let someone else do the laundry. You just keep making memories with that sweet boy.

  8. thinking of you and sending prayers your way,

  9. Barb Snow says:

    Do your best to rest, and when you’re sitting in a lovely little piazza in Italy, know that you kicked cancer’s ass. Beaming you positive and good thoughts.
    Barb in Minnesota

  10. Checking in here… left a hug the other day… lost in comment land……

    Got your back…. You made me laugh with the wise crack about being suffocated…..


    • jelebelle says:

      Thanks for the note…lost steam when trying to reply to comments. Trying to conserve the energy for playtime but have been working on a brighter & longer post. Feeling yours and everyone’s hugs & luv! Hope you are well. xoxo

  11. sixpuns says:

    I wish you the best.

  12. Keep your cool, Cassius. Youse one feisty duddess. We eagerly await your return to the blogging ring. xx

    • jelebelle says:

      thank you Jan…as always, even if I don’t get to the replybutton. just posted again. phew…. too much to say, not enough time to take the boxing glove off πŸ˜‰

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