Chief and my 2012 self: photo



Photo by Cheri Pearl:


10 comments on “Chief and my 2012 self: photo

  1. Beautiful shot! We’re actually doing a self portrait challenge this month. If you are a match for our gallery (photographer with a connection to mental health issues, self or others, or just feel for the cause) we would welcome a submission from you of this or other work.

    • jelebelle says:

      Too funny, I just added that similiar challenge to my blog. This isn’t exactly a self-portrait though. Read the next post and you will get it. I will see if I can do a self portrait though. Thank you for sharing and reading!

  2. billgncs says:

    I see beauty in the swirls of each hair, and mystery, and hope.

  3. It could be a portrait of the back of my head:) My hair is just coming in.
    Cancer Warrior

  4. carolecluer says:

    I love the photo, there is something very intimate
    and vulnerable about a rear view portrait, thank you for the link, Carole

  5. Jan Baird says:

    Jen, I just love this photo. A picture IS worth a thousand words. And I’m up for the challenge. You and Renn are so inspiring and creative! xx

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