The 8th of May

It’s already my birthday, and I feel blessed to have one.

Though the thoughts of how many more I will have loom within the celebration of me and my day. I had a lovely time with my family. My sweet son’s voice could be heard by many, singing mama, maamaama, mama, beaming with hugs and love. Watching him simply be, is the perfect gift. And then the mind wanders of how long I get to watch him grow and be? I remind myself that I will have a long life with him, experience all of his adventures, and share smiles.

I briefly think, can I not just have a clear May 8th? A thought free of cancer and my longevity? It was a beautiful day, I have so much love around me and I want to enjoy it without furrowed brow and worry. So, I ordered bonbons by the pool in the hot sunshine of our Hawaiin vacation, knowing that amongst all of this cancer crap, life is still beautiful.

I must remember gratitude. I must remember my smiles and breathe my furrows away.



8 comments on “The 8th of May

  1. ilyksunnyday says:

    Live for today, plan for tomorrow, party tonight, party tonight.~Drake obtained from Drake Quotes

  2. Happy Birthday to you ! And may you have many many more years of memory burns with your son and many more birthdays to celebrate. I know, birthdays now are bitter-sweet, as they are for me also…but we have to somehow not let the bitter part take anything away from the sweet part. (Easier said than done, I know !)

  3. Happy Birthday! You look beautiful.

  4. Violet says:

    Great pictures, miss! And happy birthday! I hope it’s one of many more to remember!


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