Good Luck Navy Bean….

Navelbine really. I have a new chemo drug that I began this past Monday. It’s widely referred to as navy bean so says the nurses, and it just really does sound like navy bean! The side effects thus far have been pretty mellow, much more tame than my taxed, stripped & fucked cocktail. The protocol will be Navelbine, Herceptin, & Zometa. I get one week a month off! Lucky me.

I have been in a quiet space with this change because quite honestly I am nervous; I need this to work really well. After seven straight months of working the “say-no-to-cancer” angle and fighting the good fight, I had gotten a bit weary. Much of it was due to Tykerb hell, Taxol allergy, and shear exhaustion. My positivity was getting lost a bit, and the latest scans did not show shrinkage, no growth but no shrinkage. It is/was time to move to a different treatment and that is scary.

I have a good feeling about navy bean, because I feel pretty decent and that is what I need to keep my positivity up, which I firmly believe assists in this process. I am determined to win this little war inside my body, but after seven months of slow changes I am wanting a push. I am wanting the battles to gain ground and have my liver feel normal, my bones less creaky.

My doc won’t give me an end date to chemo jail but I am wishing and meditating to be finished by August. I, honestly, think this is an unrealistic goal considering how advanced this shit is, but hey what about this thing called cancer is realistic? Half the people I communicate with in this cancer community seem to be people this theoretically shouldn’t be happening to….but the ‘shoulds & whys’ don’t apply when life is on the line. We all live, breathe, and walk certain lines, some of us luckier than others, some of us more determined than others, some with love and life and death all mixed within. So when meditating on completion of my stint in chemo jail, I allow myself some wishful thinking, instead of why me’s, how about why not me? I get to best this beast into remission right, all by the end of this summer, right? Good luck navy beans, we have a race to win.


19 comments on “Good Luck Navy Bean….

  1. jelebelle says:

    Thank you both 🙂

  2. bornbyariver says:

    Sending positive thoughts that the Navelbine and Herceptin will put you into a beautiful, complete remission 🙂

  3. billgncs says:

    You go girl! May your navy beans make cancer a has bean! Wishing you a get out of cancer jail free card!

  4. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. Go Navy—bean! Wish I could give you a “Get out of chemo-jail free card.” If only it were that easy. But we’re all rooting for you. XOXO

    • jelebelle says:

      thank you…i will take all of the “get out of jail free cards”….even if they are just a symbol. thank you for reading and sending luv. best to you.

  5. exiledtyke says:

    Maybe, once you get out of chemo-jail you can swap the navy bean for some Navy Rum. The toast, of course, “Good Health!”

  6. carolecluer says:

    Just wanted to say I am thinking of you, good luck

  7. Recently discovered your blog, will be following your journey!

    • jelebelle says:

      Thank you. I have been following yours 🙂 My ipad wouldn’t let me comment for some reason…but love how you write about this journey, this community is so helpful. thank you for reading.

  8. You’ve been through the ringer, girl. Seven months with little progress is discouraging and sucky. I have a good feeling about navy bean, though. I’m pulling for ya.

    • jelebelle says:

      thanks again. all good feelings welcome! we are keeping encouraged despite the slow progress. “slow and steady wins the race” as my friend says…

  9. Mary Valko says:

    I am new to this site, but not to your plight. I was diagnosed with Her2+ breast cancer w/mets in 2010. The navy beans have just been stopped since beginning a year ago…every week, with breaks only for surgery and infections…and I have a scan on Friday. The neuropathy and cramping have become unbearable…the leg cramps that wake me up are the worst.
    Hoping that you are having a positive experience. Like you, I feel that losing this fight is simply not an option.

    • jelebelle says:

      Hi Mary, thank you for reading. Sorry the side effects are giving you a hard time! Mine are too. Neuropathy, fatigue, etc. etc…been on chemo for a year as well. It’s a sucky road, but we will push through!! Good luck Friday with your scans, I’ll be sending you some healing energy. Nice to “meet” you. Keep me posted on your scans!

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