Look good, feel good?

Make up lesson in chemo jail from one of my lovely girlfriends.

This Monday wasn’t so horrible, but I did have to kick Tykerb to the curb again… we shall see what the doc says about that, but at least I am awake and can function this week.  The make-up lesson helped….ahh it felt nice to feel like I looked a little bit normal, and give myself a boost after the intense side effects of that crazy drug. Now if I can only muster the energy to make myself up like this at home on my own.  One step at a time.


7 comments on “Look good, feel good?

  1. I don’t have mets so I don’t pretend to have a clue as to what you’re going through or how Tykerb makes you feel. However, I do remember what a boost makeup was during chemo. At some point, it’s almost mandatory to regain at least a visual sense of who we are, if only for the afternoon.

    You’re a strong, brave woman, and I admire you.


  2. Violet says:

    You look great! And it’s nice to know you can doll up if you so desire.

  3. exiledtyke says:

    You’ll get there. As you say, one step at a time. If you keep doing that you will circumnavigate the globe. You will have wet feet but you’ll make it :o)

  4. billgncs says:

    There is beauty in great heart that cannot be denied as well.
    I can see it in you.

  5. One step at a time. So true. I see beauty in you that shines through bright and clear. Maybe kicking Tykurb to the curb is a good thing. XOXO

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